Basic SEO – How to Succeed in Search Engine Optimization

7 tips to hire seo company

What to Consider Before Hiring an SEO Company

7 Tips to Hire the Right SEO Company

There’s no denying the importance of good search engine optimization in today’s competitive online marketplace. While a good SEO company can really help your business you also need to be very careful choosing which company you want to work with. Online presence is a powerful tool and becoming more important to a business’s survival by the day. You need help to master SEO and get the results you need so you can focus on making your business thrive as a new wave of customers comes in, and the following seven tips will help you narrow down the search for the right company that can get the job done at a price that won’t bust your budget

Tip #1: Company Size

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter SEO formula to success. While there are over 200 known factors that go into determining the search engine rankings, that doesn’t mean every company should tackle their online SEO the same way. What a big name company needs to do to shove their way up to the top in Chicago is a different strategy from a company wanting national rankings for certain keywords or a small city restaurant looking to drum up business. Go with an agency that has different packages based on business size and need.

Tip #2: Look For On-Site & Off-Site SEO Help

Generally speaking, in most situations only doing off-site SEO or only doing on-site SEO won’t be enough in a competitive market. A really good agency understands the importance of handling both and will be able to show you how their plan covers both important parts of the big picture to get you the ratings you’re looking for.

Tip #3: Ask For Proof Of Praise

You want to see who is praising that SEO company you’re considering. Have they won awards? Do they have testimonials from happy customers? Can they show you clients they managed to get to the top of page one for major keywords? These are extremely important and shouldn’t be a problem for a good SEO agency to provide. If they’re not willing to show them, then you should look for another provider.

Tip #4: Make Sure You’re Ready To Invest

SEO can do amazing things, but it isn’t an overnight silver bullet. Good optimization takes time and this is a process that requires patience, time, and continued investment. Make sure you’re at the point where you can make the level of commitment needed to get the results you’re dreaming of. Investing too little for too short a time can result in you spending money, and then stopping short of the point where the breakthrough results would come into play.

Tip #5: Run Away From “Guaranteed Rankings”

No one can absolutely guarantee a #1 ranking in Google. If they do, run. While SEO agencies can be very confident about their capabilities, their track record, and getting you to a better spot than before they started, actually guaranteeing a #1 spot is something no reliable and reputable search engine optimization agency will promise.

Tip #6: Understands The Proper Way To Backlink

Backlinking is as important in SEO as it has ever been. Any good off-site optimization must require gathering links and gathering the right types of links. Doing this part wrong can actually hurt your website and not doing it at all means that your site is not getting the proper juice to overcome the competition in competitive markets.

Tip #7: Have Realistic Expectations

If you’re a small business willing to dedicate $500 a month in Chicago, you’re not getting to the absolute top of those search engine rankings. On the other hand in a moderate to normal sized market consistent action over time will generally generate solid results that will give you more traffic and translate to noticeable improvements in your business.

These seven tips give you an important base to work with and help you to pick a reliable and professional SEO agency that is likely to get the job done and to get it done right. Remember that when it comes to investing in SEO it absolutely pays to do your homework up front!

seo is an investment

SEO Is Essential to Any Business

Why You Should Make a Serious Investment in SEO

Considering how much the online landscape has changed over the course of a few years, it is more important than ever before to invest in Search Engine Optimization. As a business, it is necessary to invest money, time, and resources into SEO because of the way the consumer buying process has changed. More people than ever before are turning to their favorite search engine in order to find products, locate businesses, and even make their purchases. As a result, your business must rank well in order to capture market share within your respective industry. Let’s review in detail some of the reasons to invest in SEO.

1. SEO Is a Long-Term Asset and Investment.

SEO is a long-term asset or investment that can pay huge dividends both in the short and long-term scheme of things. As you have probably noticed, more people than ever before are utilizing their mobile devices to locate businesses nearby, find reviews of businesses, and even make their purchases. A majority of these people begin their buying decision steps with a simple search on their favorite search engine. So if your business is not ranking well for your respective keywords and key phrases that dominate your market, you are going to miss out on this potential market share. By investing heavily into your SEO efforts, it is going to increase your business’s ability to attract more customers organically through the search engines and it is going to do so over the long term.

2. Helps Conversions.

Another reason to consider investing in SEO is that it can help with conversions. Having a well-designed website that is functional and appealing is only going to go so far. Nowadays, you must actively market your website in order to achieve any sort of scalable traffic. When your website ranks at the top of the search engines, prospective customers or your traffic is most likely going to already have some sort of established trust with you. After all, you wouldn’t be ranking high within the search engines for the respective keywords they typed in if you were not a reputable website or business. Therefore, it is going to help establish a good amount of trust with your prospective customers and/or visitors. However, it is also going to increase the effectiveness by which you can organically target your prospective customer. As a result of targeting what we call “money keywords” or keywords that show an intent to buy, that are used by prospective customers actively looking for something that you offer, it is going to maximize the chances you target the right person to come to your website which is going to inherently increase conversions by default.

3. Reduce Marketing Costs.

Because SEO places a focus on generating organic traffic for your business, you are going to be able to successfully reduce your overall marketing costs as a result of implementing it. This is primarily due to being able to generate more traffic organically without having to pay for it. Whether you reduce the amount of money you put into paid marketing strategies or you put more, it is going to result in reducing your overall costs per lead or customer acquisition because SEO can generate increased effectiveness for your ability to convert at just about every level. Therefore, it is going to increase your return on investment in total and for various strategies that you are implementing.

4. Big For Local.

Another reason to consider making a substantial investment into your SEO efforts is that it can have a big impact on your local marketing efforts. A large percentage of searches on Google and other search engines are in fact prospective customers looking to identify a business to spend their money whether they are shopping for a specific product, looking for a place to eat, or doing something else. Therefore, you want to be ranking as high as possible if you currently own or operate a business that relies on local traffic whether product or service based. That way, you can generate significant interest in your business and convert prospects into customers.

Overall, SEO is one of the best strategies that you can focus on implementing into your marketing mix. By investing big into your SEO efforts, you should be able to maximize the amount of traffic you are able to generate to your website which is going to in turn increase sales for your business. Along with this, it can have a significant impact on your ability to increase your returns on your marketing investments along with a better ability to decrease lead acquisition costs.

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A Basic Introduction to SEO

Good search engine placement can have a huge impact on your businesses. This little article will give you some initial strategies to improve your rankings on the web.

In order to use search engine optimization on your website effectively, you must understand how it works. Instead of human users making decisions on how a site should rank or be found, search engines use computer driven algorithms and equations to rank sites. Designing your website to make sure it ranks highly in organic search results is the main purpose of search engine optimization.

The algorithms used by Google and other major search engines are very complex programs that ultimately will determine where you place on results pages versus your competitors. It considers many factors to make its “decisions.” The amount of traffic your site gets, along with the site content and headers, are factored into the algorithms. Also factored into the search engine algorithm are the links that lead to your site, which you have less control over.

SEO should not be considered as a one time, overnight project. You have to have patience and be in it for the long-term. You can most certainly increase your rankings by optimizing things “on-page” or within your website, such as your layout, content and keywords, tags, meta tags and descriptions, and many other factors. For example, it is important to put your keywords in both your site’s paragraph text and your titles and headings. This will show the search engines how relevant your site is to those keywords.

Improving your rankings is not a matter of throwing a lot of money into SEO. Yes, you will have to make an investment of time and money and even hire a company that specializes in SEO. Also, there are sponsored links on search result pages; however, they can be expensive, and they are clearly labeled so that users will know that they are paid links. Buying these is more for large, established companies, and you may need to work your way up to that level.

The selection of the right keywords is not the only strategy in search engine optimization. Good links can and will deliver good results as well. Also, internal linking within your website is important, not just the ones coming from the outside. An important and growing strategy is to arrange an exchange of links with other site owners that are relevant and complementary to your niche.

Remember, most people will find your website through searching keywords and through random online explorations. More often than not, these visits will not lead to a purchase but they are an important indicator of value and relevance in the eyes of the major search engines. Therefore, it makes sense to focus your online marketing efforts on creating relevant content with relevant keywords that are more likely to be found by online searches. The bottom line is that there are two ways to target the right audience, one is by using relevant search terms and to optimize your site for organic traffic and the other is by placing ads where your target audience is more likely to hang out – and the best place to do that is through Google Adwords text and display ads.

Hope this article gives you a good overview of the art and science of Search Engine Optimization – something dear and near to our hearts here at Blue Flame Digital Marketing.